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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I had to go to Walmart today. I really don't like Walmart for reasons that have been extensively documented elsewhere (, but I regard shopping there as one of the ideological compromises motherhood has thrust upon me. Just like going to fast food restaurants and watching sitcoms, it's one of those things that makes me cringe inside whenever I do it, but I'm too lazy to put up a fight.

The immediate reason I don't like going to Walmart is the greeters make me feel like crap. They are always sweet little seniors or in a wheelchair, and they are always earnestly handing out smiley stickers, and I always feel their well-being is directly linked to the amount I spend there. On the way out, I have to resist the urge to hold up my Walmart bag and say 'See? You can upgrade to Fancy Feast tonight!', even though my rational self knows that some far-flung Walton is having the cabana boy polish up his new platinum spittoon instead.

Totally unrelated, I love sudoku. No, this is not some kind of sushi or some exotic Asian sexual technique, but a puzzle which has created a CRAZE that is sweeping the U.K. I love crazes. And I love puzzles. And so I love sudoku. Give it a try -


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