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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh man, it's official

This is sort of depressing news that's been hovering around for a while:
Patricia Harrison president of CPB

I don't really understand all this talk of a liberal bias in NPR and PBS; they have both seemed to me like toothless tigers for a while now (remember the vulgar Reaganathon last year?), and pretty unthreatening. But I guess it's some kind of relativism to make the inevitable swing to the right, which I'm sure we'll now see, seem like a correction.

It's bad enough that our troops get plenty of Rush but no Al (on American Forces Radio). Of course, the troops are a captive audience, as are TV watchers without cable. How convenient. Propaganda is such a melodramatic word for this slow, insidious erosion of our tradition of a free media, but that's what's happening. I'm glad I ignored all those pledge drives now.

On a lighter note, I love, love, love 'Get Behind Me Satan' (except for Meg White singing). What the hell was Renee thinking, dumping Jack for sappy safe Kenny Chesney? Jack White is a genius.


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