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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pagan Bonfire

I belong to a CSA affiliated with the local Waldorf school, and hence get super yummy Martha-esque bunches of veggies every Tuesday. They had a pot-luck and bonfire on Friday, which I went to with my son. Of course, it was pretty groovy; I'm not going to say anything about the whole Steiner/bio-dynamic thing because I feel like if you find something that makes you feel more connected to other people and the earth, more power to you. But it did make for a pretty funny moment. My son and I were sitting on some hay bales in front of the bonfire, and everyone else started sitting on the other side of the bonfire. It was obvious there was going to be some sort of ceremony type thingy and my son whispered to me 'Mommy, why is everyone sitting over there?', so I whispered back 'Because this is the naked side...', and pretended to start taking off my top. Tee-hee. I don't think I damaged him irreperably, do you?


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