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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Sunday, I went to see "Batman Begins" with my spawn, because he fits the target demo, and on some whim I bought the Giganto Skip o' Corn and the Vat o' Pop, and a little glimmer of understanding about the obesity epidemic struck me. Just holding that great big trashcan of popcorn had an Alice in Wonderland effect on me and made me feel teensy and wee. This was compounded by trying to hold a cup which I couldn't even grasp sufficiently in one hand. I felt like a Lilliputian. Of course, we made the barest dent in our ill-begotten snacks even though we were, as they say in Scotland, stuffing our coupons. Which made me feel even more wee and teeny. It's easy to delude yourself when faced with a mountain of cheap carbs about how much you actually ingested when only a slightly smaller mountain remains after you have done your damage.

Anyway, the movie was pretty entertaining - I had very low expectations, even though it stars this man. It has some real acting and some real actors in it, as well as fiancee-of-the-month Katie Holmes. Anyway, Michael Caine is in it and as far as I am concerned, he saves every movie he is in.


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