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Thursday, September 29, 2005

This is pretty amazing - Michael Crichton is a global warming expert, on the strength of a book he once wrote. Hey, maybe John Grisham will fill in Sandra Day O'Connor's slot on the Supreme Court (I know he's a hack but is it wrong that I sort of find him hot? - I think it's those blue, blue eyes and his connection with the Oxford American magazine). Or Dan Brown could be the next Pope. Or Tom Clancy for Prez. We could have the airport bookstore cabinet.

I love airport bookstores; if you pick a book without shiny gold embossed letters, then you mark yourself as a true literary sophisticate. They always have the best selection of trashy magazines, and I always succumb when travelling. I especially love those magazines about shopping, like Lucky. It's hard to imagine anything shallower or more perfect to read on a plane.

I broke into my son's Halloween candy. I thought I would confound my inner chocolate monster by getting a bag of mixed junky kiddie candy, but I saw it contained Banana Laffy Taffy and Atomic Fireballs, two particular favorites of mine. I just love the total fakeness of Banana Laffy Taffy. None of the other flavors do it for me, just banana. Atomic Fireballs are like gigantic spicy breath fresheners - awesome!

Could it be that finally, this sleazebag is getting what's coming to him? I live in hope, though unfortunately I also live in perpetual disappointment as far as political just desserts are concerned. Look at the lovely people he associates with, via Abramoff.

Another reason to love Alex Kapranos (like we needed one) - his weekly food column in the Guardian (after moonlighting as a music lecturer). He's got it all - omni-national, omni-sexual and omni-talented.

I have totally got this song in my head. I broke my moratorium on buying new music to get this because I just love everything I've heard from him. He has the most beautiful, haunting voice.

God, I don't know what's wrong with me today but this blog entry reads like Jackie Harvey. I'm just not quite so into it these days and it shows. Sorry!


At 6:59 AM, Blogger minty said...

Heck, why NOT an author on the Supreme Court--I mean, we have an actor running California, and a wrestler used to be governor of Minnesota. And running the country we have a . . . never mind.

I love love love Antony too, but keep your Banana Laffy Taffy away from me! Ick!

At 7:53 AM, Blogger pinky pinkerson said...

Heh - I once had a coworker who would BARF if she smelled real or artificial banana flavor. If she even saw a banana peel in the trash, she'd flee in horror. It was pretty funny, especially since she never actually barfed on the premises.

I love the Antony too - although in some songs I get confused and think he's Rufus Wainwright.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger christa said...

i bought "lucky" for my plane ride home last week! only it was a canadian version, called "lou lou". the cover said that all of the stuff inside was available exclusively in canadian shopp(es). it all looked like american crap to me, though.

it did make me wish i would have bought the magazine on my way to canada, though, instead of on the way home. i would have had a better idea of where to shop.

aah, well... there's always next time.


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