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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mesmerizing Minty

Yay! Another mix from refreshingly cool Minty, which I am listening to even as I type. I love it - it's a very wide-ranging mix, reflecting the multiple facets of Minty's jewel of a personality. I have to say, I thought Seu Jorge singing David Bowie was the best part of The Life Aquatic. And I always thought We Walk The Same Line would be my wedding song in the extremely unlikely event I get hitched again. I've read excerpts from Ben Watt's book, and he is one of my heroes - not only is he incredibly musically talented, but he is a funny and compassionate writer too. And I like it when people find Scottish accents adorable. That Proclaimer's song captures the whole Scottish cringe thing we have with the English.

There will be no cooking club this week due to the two protaganists being wan and sickly this weekend. Though I suppose we could attempt rice pudding or gruel or something. Actually, what I really want now is my default comfort meal - tomato soup with toast. Fed to me. While wrapped in a blanket.

Anyway, here are Minty's liner notes: Minty's CD

Wichita LinemanGlen CampbellThis is my favorite song. EVER. Deal with it.
Strawberry Letter 23Shuggie OtisThe hit version by the Brothers Johnson was good,but I like the original better. Freaky psychedelic lyrics. LSD, anyone?.
Life on Mars?Seu JorgeEverything sounds pretty when you say it in Portuguese. I’ll bet if you said “your mother is a filthy whore” in Portuguese it would sound pretty. This is from The Life Aquatic soundtrack. You knew that, but in 20 years when you look at this you will have forgotten, and you’ll thank me.
Little PalacesElvis Costello Elvis gets mad on this one-not that 70s kind of punk-rock mad, but grownup mad-about-serious-issues mad. Tell it, Elvis!
It Wouldn’t Have Made Any DifferenceTodd Rundgren You didn’t think I could make a mix CD without a Todd song on it, did you? Todd is a master of the anti-love song, and this is one of his prettiest.
Rocked By RapeEvolution Control Committee What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
Fight Like a BraveRed Hot Chili Peppers No one can tell you you’ve got to be afraid. Not even Dan Rather!!
Daft Punk is Playing at My HouseLCD Soundsystem I don’t dance, but I sort of can’t help dancing when I hear this.
Frame By FrameKing Crimson But don’t ever try dancing to a King Crimson song-you might pull a muscle or something. I went to a King Crimson show once and there were about eight girls there, and three thousand geeky guys. I guess it’s hard for King Crimson fans to get a date.
Me and MiaTed Leo + the Pharmacists It’s about eating disorders, but you can make it your anthem even if you don’t have one. “Do you believe in something beautiful? Then get up and be it!”
Blonde on BlondeNada Surf I don’t have anything interesting to say about this song, but I like it a lot.
Cap in HandThe Proclaimers Another angry song. I love these cute Scottish twins and their adorable Scottish accents.
Up the JunctionSqueeze I like how this song starts out kind of happy and then goes completely down the toilet.
HopelessFuture Bible Heroes Whereas this song just stays in the toilet the whole way. If you didn’t speak English maybe you’d think this was a happy song!
Sorry AgainVelocity Girl Oops, she did it again. She’s sorry. Really, she is. No, really.
We Walk the Same LineEverything But The Girl Sometimes a real live love song is just the thing. Tracey + Ben = True Love 4-Evah! Tracey wrote this after Ben’s illness, and if you haven’t read his harrowing memoir, Patient, you should. I could let you borrow it if you want.
Eating the BearJoan Armatrading My mom and I shared a love for Joan Armatrading’s music. Once we went to one of her shows together. That was cool.
Walking in the WoodsThe Pursuit of Happiness A sad song about a girl. The second one in a row with lyrics about being eaten by an animal. Weird. I had dream when I was five about being eaten by a lion.
New EnglandJonathan Richman A sweet little ditty.
Right Here, Right NowJesus Jones This was like the anthem of the early 90s, but it still works today, I think. Well, except for the fact that George Bush is president. Anyway, kudos to me for ending this on a positive note!


At 1:35 PM, Blogger mykull said...

i love this mix. anything w/joan armatrading and shuggie otis on it makes me blissfully happy, even when i'm sick.

At 9:41 PM, Blogger pinky pinkerson said...

I had it on in the car today while running around, and really enjoyed it as well. An excellent mix!

At 10:21 PM, Blogger minty said...

God, Marianne, thanks for those brilliant links. I couldn't have done it better myself! Glad y'all like the CD--I had a blast making it.


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