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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Scotland the Brave

As a Scot, I am very proud of the fact that Scottish asphalt (or tarmac as it's properly called) managed to get past security and inflict some damage on the Pres. I think he should hang up his bike shorts - he seems to have an 'inner ear problem' . I've heard that that can also make you choke on pretzels.

It's strange to see a sleepy village like Auchterarder splashed all over the news. It's like the Scottish Mayberry (apparently complete with bumbling police officers).

I'm praying that the G8 leaders get some good food, after Chirac making that crack about British food sucking donkey balls (maybe not his exact words..). Apparently, Schroeder and Putin chortled along - excuse me? German food? Russian food?


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