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Monday, August 15, 2005

More Goodbyes

This weekend, after saying goodbye to Rebecky and Jesse, I also went to a farewell party for my friend Scott, who is leaving this weekend. After a long time of just thinking 'Yeah, yeah, he's leaving', it actually finally hit me this weekend - he's LEAVING! And I'm quite unexpectedly sad. He, my friend Sheri and I had a nice little single parents supper club going. It was really good to get the male perspective on being a single parent, and it definitely restored my faith in mankind to have a friend who is such an exemplary dad, and who doesn't think of his kids as a pain in the ass obstacle to his leading a swinging single bachelor life.

Michael and I made home-made ice-cream this weekend (yep, since you ask, I'm still trying to lose weight, but once again, my indolent, greedy nature wins over self control). I was like 'Dude - could you pick a more labor intensive recipe?', as it involved toasting hazlenuts, skinning them, chopping them, making nougat, crushing it, making custard, mixing them together, chilling over ice-water, freezing and (the hardest part) waiting for 24 hours before scarfing. It was pretty damn good though.

Pinky had some interesting things to say about keeping her (or is it his?) anonymity, but what I have encountered, is people who know me IRL almost always say 'Your blog surprised me; it shows a whole different side of you'. This really disturbs me; I think my blog is pretty much how I am, maybe a little more stylized because I can edit and stuff, but I think it reflects the non-libellous part of my inner monologue pretty accurately. Maybe it's just a by-product of being shy.

Here's the second of Michael's amazing CDs. Why did I not have a high school boyfriend like his, instead of getting all my sex-ed in one gulp as it were in college (errr... because I was completely socially awkward and oblivious perhaps?)

Michael's Second CD
DeceptaconLe TigreGet your groove on with the FTMs at the lesbian bar!
EvilLadytronWhen I listen to Ladytron, I dream that I am one of the band members, and I become the coolest person on earth.
Absolute BeginnersThe JamA band my high school boyfriend introduced me to. Along with oral sex.
HarmonyClinicIf you listen to this song late at night with all the lights in your house turned off, you might be scared that someone with a knife is lurking in the basement waiting for you.
Hologram The ComasWhen I went to see this band for my 30th birthday, the lead singer told everyone to fuck off. I detest him, but love his music. A perfect song for anyone with dissociative disorder.
Losing Your AffectionFuture Bible Heroes I like the Future Bible Heroes better than the Magnetic Fields.
Only Love Can Break Your HeartSaint EtienneIn college I regularly requested this dance song at the one gay bar in town. Who knew a Neil Young song could become such a groovetastic hit?
Take You On A CruiseInterpolIt was hard to choose an Interpol song for this mix because I love so many Interpol songs, but this tune from their latest album holds a special place in my heart, despite its overtones of 70s-inspired fantasy a la Moody Blues.
MosquitoThe Bible I have no fucking idea where this band came from or where the hell they went, but this song rocks at 500 rpms.
Free To BelieveGlee ClubI wish The Glee Club never broke up. One of those brilliant, moody 4AD bands with a siren-like singer.
SunflowerLow I own every Low album, but Things We Lost in the Fire is my fave. This opening track is sort of morbid, but lovely nonetheless.
Black MetallicCatherine WheelWhen this played on the radio in 1991, I ran to the music store and bought the album. I still don’t understand what the hell it’s about (someone turning into a robot?), but isn’t it haunting?
Winning A Battle, Losing The WarKings Of ConveniencePerfect theme song for a drizzly fall afternoon spent in bed.
As High As You Can Go The ChameleonsAnother group my high school boyfriend introduced me to. Along with KY-Jelly.
Thieves Like UsNew OrderObligatory New Order song goes here.
There Is A Light That Never Goes OutThe Smiths Morrissey, make me pregnant with your baby.
Tubular Belgians in My GoldfieldDeparture Lounge Departure Lounge, where I wave goodbye to Jesse and Rebecca, who I will miss more than words can say.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger pinky pinkerson said...

Thank you for making me gender-indistinct :-)

and ye gods woman - you made your own NOUGAT?!!

At 8:50 PM, Blogger mykull said...

who IS this pinky pinkerson? i'm going to get to the bottom of this mystery if it kills me.

darling, i will make nougat with you anytime. can't wait for next weekend when we make our triple-layer roasted fig flambé. it only takes four hours!

sorry you had TWO goodbyes to say this past week. one is certainly hard enough.

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Marianne said...

Honey, I already started marinating the figs.

I always underestimate how sad goodbyes make me. I'm blase about the whole thing until the last minute.

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Darcy said...

hey, michael, you never made me a mix for the couple that i made you almost TWO YEARS AGO!! what gives?

by the way, marianne, i met you way back when at michael's housewarming party.

don't worry about not remembering me, because, as lester burnham said it best, "i wouldn't remember me either". :)

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Marianne said...

Hey Darcy
I *think* I remember you, but then I suffer from Momzheimers, so don't take it personally!


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