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Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Turn!

Isn't that what Andy Rooney says or something? For some reason, I have a big spike in visitors, and after reading Jerry's post about what particular quest leads people to his blog, I decided to look at my sitemeter. I hardly ever look at it, to be honest, because I want to know exactly who is looking and how much they liked it, and the cheapo free version doesn't really tell you that.

What it does say is that lots of people find my blog by searching for this picture and this one. In all different languages. I probably just doubled my visitors in this very post.

I expect if I just type the words: 'Mom' 'Foreign' 'Double D' 'Pre-teen Son', all of which are words which could conceivably come up in any of my posts, I will bump up my score some more. Let's wait and see.

I thought the Swiss were the biggest chocolate eaters in the world, but no: the Brits have them beat. And that's with me living outside Britain. Oh well, I guess the Swiss are good at other things.

As promised (threatened?), here are my liner notes. If you want a CD and didn't get one, let me know and I'll happily burn for you

Marianne's CD

Waterloo SunsetThe KinksThis is my favorite Kinks song. Somehow it makes me feel nostalgic for a life I haven't lived. And it's nice to have a dirty old river in a song that's not the Mississippi. I wonder whatever happened to Terry and Julie.
So Long, MarianneLeonard CohenMy ex-hubbie would sing this song to me, clapped out old hippy that he was – strangely prescient. I like that you can totally tell that Leonard Cohen is Canadian- he definitely says 'aboot'. Did you know he used to date Rebecca de Mornay – talk about an odd couple.
Hunted by a FreakMogwaiA Scottish band that has channeled depression and social alienation and twistedness into a beautiful thing, like so many other Scottish bands. It's our greatest national treasure, next to our award winning nutrition habits and whisky.
I Want A Little Sugar In My BowlNina SimoneForget about milkshakes and humps and licking backs and cracks, this is such a great expression of female sexuality that is tons more erotic. Strange to imagine Nina grew up in this red state.
Sex DwarfSoft Cell A great work-out tune, though the Lakewood Y is sadly lacking in sex dwarves.
So SadThe SoftiesA sweet, wistful song about the decline of love. The perfect soundtrack for self pity. Not that I ever indulge in that.
You're The Best ThingThe Style CouncilThis song makes me want to fall in love with someone, it's so fucking romantic. I love Paul Weller's voice – it's so distinctive.
Party Fears TwoThe AssociatesAnother Scottish band and one of my favorite songs ever. Completely uncategorizable and completely brilliant.
The FuneralBand Of HorsesI downloaded this and really like it. It's sad but definitely not sappy. I bet they're awesome live.
The ReaperHIMA great cover of a great song. But it does need more cowbell.
Word On A WingDavid BowieStation to Station is my favorite Bowie album. And I think this may be my favorite song on it, even though it's about the baby Jesus.
The Windmills Of Your MindDusty SpringfieldSinging this is just about akin to singing the phonebook, but Dusty could pull it off. Let me ask you – is the jingle in your pocket or the jingle in your head?
The NurseThe White StripesThis song polarizes people – I really like it. I just imagine Meg White being a Nell-like creature on the drums, and that mixed up with the cheery marimba and the paranoid lyrics, just make for a great song.
Cuts Across The LandThe Duke SpiritI downloaded this on the strength of the name expecting to find something I would hate, but I actually like it a lot. They're from London, and sound old-school in a good way.
Melt Your HeartJenny LewisA lovely redhead with a lovely voice singing a lovely song about the stupid things we all do.
Black CabJens LekmanI don't know anything about this artist at all, but I like his voice which has a Jonathan Richman quality to it. I just like this song dammit.
Blunt Picket FenceGiant Drag It's hard to believe Giant Drag is just two people. I love the guitar on this./
MarianNouvelle VagueA great cover of Sisters of Mercy. Honestly, I'm not egotistical, I just like this song. Some songs are definitely improved by a bossa nova beat and being sung phonetically by a French chick who has never heard the original.


At 7:04 PM, Blogger pinky pinkerson said...

that is a great mix - I would definitely like a copy!

(I actually have most of the songs in one form or another, but I do like the way you have put them together)

Ah, Marian. Why didn't they just spell it Marianne? That's how they say it. I have loved that song for so very long.

and what's the deal with HIM? Is it a christian band or what?

And Jens Lekman samples a song by The Left Banke (as well as a Belle and Sebastian song) in Black Cab, sometime I'll get you the Left Banke song and you will boggle at hearing them both together.

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Phil said...

What is the meaning of "Mogwai"?

"Evelyn Gery" still sends a lot of people to my blog.

Differently, though, and much more wonderfully: I was at LocoPops last week when one of the customers approached me and asked, "Phil?"

Turns out it was ... oh, crickey -- what were the name: John and Melissa? James and Melanie? J. is friends with Mr. and Mrs. Pinky and came to town for some music last weekend. Looking for leads on stuff to do, he found his way to LocoLand via all our various blogs.

Wacky-doo, man.

At 8:49 AM, Blogger minty said...

I am trying not to read these liner notes as I like to listen to a mix cold the very first time, without even knowing what the songs are. So hurry and get me a copy, Marianne! Because it's hard to come here and not read your words.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Marianne said...

A friend of mine told me HIM were Finnish, not Christian. I guess Finns and Christians both like mnemonic names.

You're thinking of POD, whatever that stands for (people of ?? deity? divinity?). Personally, I avoid Christian rock bands like the plague.

I'm obsessed with that Band of Horses track - I am definitely going to buy that CD (unless someone has it already, hint, hint)

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recognized the church bells at the end of track #16.
Trio (the 'Da Da Da. I don't love you. You don't love me' folks) used the same bells in their song 'Kummer'.

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Marianne said...

Now I have that song in my head - thanks a lot, anon!

So, Black Cab samples Trio, Belle and Sebastian and Left Banke? Anything else?


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