Hi, The point (if there is a point) of this blog is to post liner notes and playlists of mix CDs originating from moi and hopefully fanning out into a chain of mix CDs. If you get a CD from me, make me and a friend one, and email me some liner notes and I'll post them. Then your friend should make you and someone else a mix CD etc etc. Maybe it will work PS If you want to be on my knit list, let me know what you want and I'll see what I can do!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Work it out, baby

I have made another workout CD; ask for your copy NOW!!

I think it's funny that the trailers for Jim Carrey's next pretentious project, The Number 23, are more often than not followed by a Dr. Pepper commercial. I don't think that's accidental. I love that Dr. Pepper used to be called a "Waco". I suspect if you asked for one of those today, you might not get a soda.

This ultimate Swiss Army Knife is pretty cool.

I love this website, Gallery of the Absurd. I think Diaper Man bears a striking resemblance to Peter Griffin.

Marianne's Second Workout CD

(Dancin' in the) Freaky ZoneThe Prima Donnas
Writing On The Wall (Isan / Brutal Folly Remix)Cities
Underwater (You and Me)Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
I Don't Give A....Peaches
When You Go Out I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Yell It Out Violet Nine
No More HeroesStranglers
Await Rescue65DaysOfStatic
The EndDavid & The Citizens
I Feel Love Donna Summer
atlantis to InterzoneKlaxons
Touche-MoiStereo Total
Good WeekendArt Brut
Hang Me Up To DryCold War Kids
Wrong Time CapsuleDeerhoof
At LeastBaby Dayliner
Why Bother At AllKoufax
Destroy Everything You TouchLadytron
HungerNicolai Dunger
Push AirPretty Girls Make Graves
Escape ClauseThe Stairs
Home and DryPet Shop Boys

Monday, February 19, 2007


I took this personality test, and got the same results three times in a row, much to my disappointment. It's a little boring and predictable, isn't it?

Here's another quiz that's kind of fun: what American accent do you have? I am apparently, from the North East. Which is kind of true.

The father of my future children has an ice-cream named for him. I would say that's always an asset.

Oh, why do I love thee, oh breakfast appliance? I want one in my office.

I hear rumours that Ginger Altoids are history. I love ginger in any incarnation but combined with chalk and wrapped in parchment and then in a tin is one of my favorites.

This report from the United Nations got a lot of press in Europe, but not much here. Yes, Britain is at the bottom of the heap, but the US didn't fare too well either. The Czech Republic and Poland both did better. And child poverty stands at 15% here and in the UK.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Plus ca change

Those PC vs. Mac commercials are getting tons of airtime, with the release of the latest Windows behemoth, Vista. But did you know that the British versions have completely different actors? They're a well-known comedy duo, which has got to make the ads completely different. The US ones are very well acted, IMHO. But John Hodgman is too cute for me to disdain the PC.

An interesting book on pyschology just got republished. It addresses our collective irrationality; for example, why parents worry more about their child getting abducted than getting killed in a car accident. The excerpt on the website is really awesome.

Soon, it will be my least favorite day of the year. I like the Japanese version (chocolate obligation), which is about right. Actually, I really did like it when my son was in elementary school. Everyone in his class got cards from everyone else, and everyone got candy. I much prefer that version to the adult emotional pressure cooker.

I guess enough people dislike V-Day for the mainstream card companies to provide Anti-Valentine's Day cards, which is strangely comforting.

And last, but not least, congratulations to Stewpants, on landing a great new job!