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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring is Sprung

I think. Though maybe winter will come back again. This time of year makes me lament my doughy, pale blue genetic legacy, as my winterized limbs make their first eye-searing appearance in months. I wonder if thinking positively could make a difference. I'm not pasty, I'm alabaster. Doing six loads of laundry and housework and writing bills and writing software for 40 hours a week is a WORKOUT, baby.

I would totally wear these vintage Lame Giant dressies. They are so very cute. Though that olde worlde Lane Bryant model seems to carry all her weight in her cute little cherubic face and none on her kind of svelte looking body. She kind of looks like she should play basketball or something, a big strapping, athletic girl. Of course, those teensy hats and pincurls don't really help matters when you have a chubby face.

Is this canoe not one of the most awesome things you have ever seen? Can you imagine seeing all the fish swimming underneath you? Though in this neck of the woods, there's probably just yucky catfish and watersnakes.

I guess the impetus behind this was something similar, but it looks ghastly. You think they could do a computer simulation of walking over the Canyon in the Visitor Center or something, and it would be cheaper, safer and probably more impressive, rather than tearing up the actual Grand Canyon itself. That's just super tacky.

You know how they have all those Limited Edition candy bars, that make you feel like you ought to buy them before they disappear forever? How about these Limited Editions? Actually, I think vegetable Skittles could be kind of good, like V8 or something.